Welcome, Spotfav Places

When we told you about the new features in the Spotfav app we mentioned what we consider one of the most important one: PLACES.

Places is the way to know which places you should visit around a spot, a serie of businesses that can help you in your visit to a spot: hotels, shops, restaurants…

From now on, everytime you check out a spot you can also check the commercial offers around it, where to eat, where to sleep, where are the cool shops located…

On the website, once you are browsing your favorite spot click on the Places tab, and the whole list of close places will be shown.

These places have been uploaded by any user who visited them, including some information like the place name, a category (restaurant, surfschool, hotel, shop…), and a picture.

How do you create a place and how do they work? Easy!

Any user visiting a restaurant, hotel, shop, etc. can create it as place using the mobile application. The newly created place will stay awaiting moderation, and our webmasters will accept it as soon as possible.

To create a new place you can click the places button on the smartphone app, then (if it’s not still created) you can click new place.

A new screen will appear including a form where you can introduce all the information about this place.

2) Once a place is created any user located on it will be able to post a Check-in on it, including a comment and a picture.

3) The owner of a place can claim it following the link Claim this place, shown under the main picture.

A claim request will be generated, which will be approved or denied after an ownership checking process.

4)  Once confirmed the owner will take the control of his place, and will be able to change the picture, write a description about it, and start creating special offers and deals

5)  The owner will also be able to attach deals to the sidebar of any spot’s camera section, so that users can see them easily. To do this, the owner need publisher bonus. If you are the owner of a place and you want to attach your offers to a cam, get in touch with us at webmaster@spotfav.com and we will give you some bonus to do it! :-)

So, from now on, find out more, in a easy way, about  all the places around a spot that you should visit, benefit from the best local offers, comment your experience and enjoy sharing images of it!

Also, if you own a local business then get the best of our platform by offering special discounts to get new customers and stay in touch with them in the future, and read what other users have commented about your place.

Hey folks… Spotfav is now more interactive than ever!

New cool update of the smartphone app

Lots of things are going on at Spotfav, being one of the most relevant the recent update for the smartphone app!

The new features include the possibility of watching the cams live from your phone! (Wherever you are , you will be able to check your favorite spot status, including live webcam and meteo station reporting… hey, isn’t it cool? heh

From now on, you will also be able to check out what your friends are doing , by using the TimeLine feature, which show a stream of your friends activity (new check-ins, new reports about a spot…) in a similar way as your website’s dashboard.

And the biggest news: Places!
Places is the name for the new really cool feature at Spotfav. It’s about local businesses around the spots (shops, restaurants, hotels…) which are conforming the commercial offer for the spot users and visitors. A complete blog post is going to be written about Places, because it has a lot of cool stuff to be explained in detail.

Fun using Spotfav will continue eventhough  you are already out of the water! Read the next post to know EVERYTHING about this feature!!

What is this all about

Hello sirs!

Do you like surfing, kiting, fishing, diving or any other activities usually done at the beach? If so, you surely depend on the weather conditions for your success.

How many times did you take your car convinced by the forecasts, filled it with your sport tools and drove a hundred miles… then once arrived you didn’t practice your sport because you didn’t have enogh wind, enough waves, or it was simply raining?

How many times you called a business close to your favorite spot asking for the weather?

Well, this is what Spotfav is about.

Spotfav is a meteo reporting system based on a realtime experience. The tagline is check before you go, and that’s what we offer you.

Spotfav counts on these tools:

  1. HD cameras: we placed really powerful high definition cameras at some of the highest rated beach spots in Spain. You can visit Valdevaqueros, Arte Vida or El Palmar to check their high quality.
  2. Meteo stations: we’ve developed an exclusive meteo station, versatile and small enought to place one of them just by any camera we set up. It serves the wind speed and direction accurately in real time.
  3. User repoting: we’ve also developed a mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, which users use to post checkins and reports about current conditions on their current spot. Users can choose if they want to share that info publicly (for everyone) or hit only their close friends.

But… what if there’s no camera at your favorite spot? or worst, what it your favorite spot does not exist in Spotfav?

Well, if the spot is not in Spotfav then you can create it using the mobile app when you’re phisically there. If you’re the first, then you are recognised as the Beach Marshall, which is a kind of super power user who in a near future is going to get cool benefits on the spot.

Once the spot is created, a tab is generated on the website, where users can vote for a cam and for a meteo station. If enough people votes for it, Spotfav will start a process to achieve it. Way simple, eh?

But… not everything can be SO wonderful and awesome!

Yes, you’re right.

When you register at Spotfav you’re given 5 favs. With that favs you can vote cameras and meteo stations. That’s the limitation.

Of course we’re inventing cool ways for you to get more favs and invest them on your desired spots :-)

So well… Spotfav just opened it’s doors today, and we hope you like it and spread the word for the community to grow day after day.

See you on Spotfav!